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Father and Daughter
peppers growing

Cox farms, Inc. is a greenhouse, fresh vegetable, and row crop operation located in Gaston, Indiana and has been in operation since the late 1970’s. Cox Farms has always been owned and operated by Greg Cox. He has grown the business to not only include our Gaston operation but also operates greenhouse companies in Mexico, Romania and Hungary.

Greg has been farming since the age of 15, when he rented his first farm. In the 1980’s Greg saw an opportunity to diversify his operation to include growing field tomatoes for Red Gold. During that time Greg saw a need for quality transplants not only in his operation but for other Red Gold growers since transplants came from quite a distance before they reached other farms. That is how our greenhouse operations came to be. After a few years, farmers from other areas began to ask Greg to grow other vegetable transplants. Today we produce more than 50 million transplants annually to include tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, and cabbage. We ship and truck our transplants throughout the Midwest, South, and Canada.

In the early 1990’s, Greg was invited by the Ministry of Agriculture in Romania to visit and observe the current state of agriculture production in the country. Greg saw an opportunity for a greenhouse operation and a market for quality plants that he could provide. Then, through business connections and word-of-mouth with seed companies, we were able to expand into the market in Hungary and provide farmers with quality transplants that were not available at the time. Today our Romania operation produces 8 million transplants annually and our Hungary operation produces 25 million transplants annually.

Cox Farms, Inc has a long history of innovation and excellence in the agriculture industry not only in the United States but also abroad. We plan to continue that history with Greg’s daughter, Jenna, who joined the company back in 2014. Our reputation of producing quality transplants for our customers will be our commitment for generations to come.

G & G Peppers

Greg Cox is also part owner in the pepper processing facility located on the property, G and G Peppers. The G and G Peppers partnership was formed between Greg and Gary Reichart in the early 1990’s when Red Gold had a need for quality processed jalapeño peppers for their products Greg and Gary both grew tomatoes in the field for Red Gold, they knew the business and how to grow a pepper crop in the field. So, they started a small production of processed jalapeños producing 40,000 pounds in the first year. Today, G and G Peppers produces 7 million pounds of processed peppers annually for remanufactured food products like cheese, ketchup, salsa, and other sauces. For more information about G and G Peppers click here.